Edition # Consulting @ Innovation
 Edition # Consulting @ Innovation

GenuiSoft Explorer for Windows 10

This video aims to introduce a new type of Windows Explorer developed by GenuiSoft to replace Microsoft Explorer developed by Redmond.
In this explorer in development , you will find a simplified browser , very fast and smart.
The main interest is that you have no process or services started in the background .
Just a minimalist Windows Explorer offering infinite possibilities for customization and integrated tools .
Looking for Business Angel to develop my company and my future solutions.

GenuiSoft SilveRed Platinium Edition

New innovation in this version available in the future :


- Desktop button with social link

- Map control integrated with cartography

- Image Viewer

- Clock integrated

- Meteo component

- News viewer screen (in 2.5 in developement)

- Customization of Graphical Desktop with mulitple color chooser (in 2.5 in developement)

GenuiSoft Desktop Manager Silvered Edition 2015

- Optimization and better performance

- New innovation with multiple versions of graphicals IHM

- Right Panel Desktop Viewer with navigation

Genuis Desktop Manager Silvered Edition 2014

All videos for present a new customized Virtual Desktop solution offer by GenuiSoft.

French innovation developed during 10 months, a new alternative to existing Windows Desktop
without buy a computer new generation, crazy software ! 
You will very surprised by the graphical and sound effects, very quick application, it's amazing !
Try it, you will very surprise !

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Run under Windows 10 !

New Desktop vision of your desktop

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