Edition # Consulting @ Innovation
 Edition # Consulting @ Innovation


Contribute to GenuiSoft Community for the development of GenuiSoft Desktop Project

Help us in this project, our goal is to provide offices for all customizable according to your taste systems over Windows environment.
Our initiative is independent complement to Microsoft, we want to offer this software suite that allows overloading the Microsoft Office by a further and unprecedented customizable desktop.

Through your donations, we can finance development Marketing and advertising via internet and let us know.
This approach is what stand out from Microsoft for users is a virtual office system customized to your taste.
Sensibaliser by the voluntary sector with the realization of civic software.
We already offer a free version as well as paid versions, we think about our project make free.
But we must develop this project off GenuiSoft has currently no posts despite the support of Infragistics company hi our initiative.

We count on you to make this dream!

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Run under Windows 10 !

New Desktop vision of your desktop

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