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 Edition # Consulting @ Innovation

Sport Running available on Apple store





Your ideal partner in your daily life to follow your sports activity

Your ideal partner in your daily life to follow your sports activity: marches, foot races with data precisions, updated in real-time. Possibilities to determine your number of steps, the distance traveled in meters and kilometers, the average speed traveled in km / h but also the altimeter data or your geolocation on map.
You can view your walking and running statistics on the day, weekly or monthly. Display statistics graphs in your activity.
This application uses health data from your Apple device.

All your sport statistics are update and display in real-time

Retreive your daily statistics, your Week and Month activity (Number of Steps, distance in meter)

Mode Expert to see on a dymanic gauge your average speed

Multiple customization of your interactive interface.

Run under Windows 10 !

New Desktop vision of your desktop

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