Edition # Consulting @ Innovation
 Edition # Consulting @ Innovation

Coming in the future

A new version of SilveRed Platinium Edition 3.0 coming in the future.

New innovation in this version 3.0 : (Version 2.5 in development)


- Desktop button with social link

- Map control integrated with cartography

- Image Viewer

- Clock integrated

- Meteo component

- News viewer screen

- Customization of Graphical Desktop with mulitple color chooser

- and more inovations...


GenuiSoft SilveRed Platinium Edition 3.0
The new version is finally avalaible !
GenuiSoft SilveRed Platinium Edition.exe
Fichier de programme Windows [35.4 MB]

GenuiSoft SilveRed Platinium Edition 3 in development, contribute to mine community for

the realization of a Big project, an alternative to existing commercial desktop. 

SilveRed Platinium Edition 3.0 Technical Preview
SilveRed Platinium Edition 3.0 Technical Preview
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Document XML [1.9 KB]
Document XML [1.8 KB]
Document XML [2.4 KB]
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