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 Edition # Consulting @ Innovation

Artificial Intelligence - accessibility

Artificial intelligence at the service of humanity - These are the technology watch works undertaken by Genuisoft: using the latest tools to help people in their everyday lives.


I am Daniel Padrosa, studies & development engineer since 2006 but I am above all a passionate human being and lover of humanity and nature: Fan of Alien weaponry or The Hu, of the Mediterranean Sea, kayaking and swimming at sea. 

Of more, i am concerning about the handicap in my life.


Concerning Artificial Intelligence, I read and documented myself on the advances, the research work as well as the latest controversies around this technological advance.
My idea is to use this advance for the good of all and not to replace people's work.


One of the subjects that interests me a lot is that of Object Detection, this advance has created a lot of controversy because of the resulting drifts.


It came to me the idea of ​​developing a solution improving the accessibility and daily life of people with disabilities or impairments such as sight in a pedestrian environment.

"Digital View" application suite


Innovative concept and project “Digital View”: virtual assistance with the Artificial Intelligence for visually impaired people.The idea is from a phone equipped with a camera to identify the People and Objects through Recognized AI Innovation and Notification the user by a voice assistant of the different detections: 80 types of

object detections are currently supported. (Deposed to the INPI since August 26, 2023)

This small, easy-to-use application is a voice assistant that allows you to use your phone's camera to detect objects near you. Simply tapping once will turn your voice assistant on or off.

This application will be very useful on a daily basis for all people with visual impairments. You can use this App on the go with your iPhone and Bluetooth headphones.


List of type of object recognize :

80 models available for detection

You can submit your sugestions for improvements from our mailbox: contact@genuisoft.com

Run under Windows 10 !

New Desktop vision of your desktop

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