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GenuiSoft Care

GenuiSoft Care is an application that allows you to manage and recover your health statistics and your heart rate as heart rate, step counter, distance in meters and miles, kcal. This application use the HealthKit of Apple to manage your health datas.

In this health management application, you have the opportunity to manage your health data with scientific diagrams to see your step counter, distance, kcal your heart rate data: to have a global vision of your health.

Ability to track your physical activity and your cardiac data with the iWatch module during your day, you follow your performance in steps and your personal heart rate on a map: your step counter and your heart rate are visible on your iPhone with the Apple card .

The card full of cardiac data and kcal is very interesting for cardio training. Includes the ability to manage your water consumption with customizable notification and complete water consumption chart.

Ability to switch to health datas statistics or device metrics statistics.



See you ECG Electrogramm on your Apple iPhone for the day, week and the month.

Include the Apple iWatch application with your counter of steps and the register of your heart rate in your private personal iCloud storage.

Sport Running Pro version

Sport dashboard,Chart and Map available on iPhone and iWatch in free and pro version.

Your ideal partner in your daily life to follow your sports activity: marches, foot races with data precisions, updated in real-time. Possibilities to determine your number of steps, the distance traveled in meters and kilometers, the average speed traveled in km / h but also the altimeter data or your geolocation on map.

You can view your walking and running statistics on the day, weekly or monthly. Display statistics graphs in your activity.

This application uses health data from your Apple device.

This new version include a secure register and login screen with an online mode to see your rank between the different users of the Apps.

Of more its include correction and evolution about the HMI.

Evolution for the Map and the Chart of sport activity data and optimization.

Of more include the possibility to configure the distance to Km/Miles and the average speed to km/h and mph.

This version include an In-App purchase for a complete version and the Restore button and an another In-App purchase for retrieve

all 20 best day sport datas. Of more, it's include in bonus a chronometer functionality and a Zoom of chart sport datas.

Sport Tunes

synchronize with Apple Music

This App is synchronize with your iTunes account to listen your music during your sport activity, possibility to see your counter of steps, to see a complete charts with your sport steps hour by hour for the current day

You are the possibility to search your prefer songs, register your favorites tracks in your iTunes account.

Very easy to use, you need to connect with your iTunes account with Sport Tunes and you are a complete to your music.

A revolutionnary application synchronize with Apple Music and your device to provide your sport datas and listen your favorites tracks.

Synchronize with all your Apple device : iPhone / iWatch.


Available on Apple Store

Sport Tunes - User Guide
Sport Tunes - User Guide 1.0.pdf
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