Edition # Consulting @ Innovation
 Edition # Consulting @ Innovation

Partnership with 5KRO Security

Development of Connected receipt management applications for 5KRO Security for little supermarket / Development Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions active partnership with Mr David MAS founder and CEO of 5KRO Security Visit www.5krosecurity.fr

Confidential security solution and utilities for the needs of 5Kro security customers: Microsoft WPF .Net solution, Web Javascript and NX Meta / NX Witness

Professional development tools skills 


Use of NetworkOptix Framework Tools


Visual C++ Plugins


Interface with Microsoft .Net

Skills for development with 

NX Meta SDK Framework



Co-Funder of SeeOnSea S.A.S

I'm Mr Daniel Padrosa Since 2020, I have worked as Co-founder of the company SeeOnSea SAS alongside Mr. Laurent Lungeri in Web, Database and Mobile developments in order to create a space to share Observations on sea and land for the general public and professionals.

Visit www.seeonsea.com

Partnership with MRX Systems from 2018 to 2019

I met at the end of 2017 MRX Systems company to work in partnership together to support
most of their software development oriented Microsoft .Net, Azure and Apple Objective-C on Ios.

MRX Systems is a company specialized in the edition of logciel in the field of aeronautics for the maintenance and the follow-up of airworthiness of aircraft fleets and helicopters for their client.

This experience has allowed me to develop skills in the field of aeronautics and support modeling, design of exciting developments oriented Microsoft .Net side office applications, maintenance of their platform Azure with the realization of Cloud services but also to evolve their mobile solution oriented iPhone / iPad with Objective-C developments from X-Code.


But also the realization of DataLoader data extractor of Airbus device manufacturer configuration files after the meeting of project manager Airbus Helicopters de Marignane, interfacing WebJob with Airbus FleetKeeper and B-to-B services from Airbus B4Spares.
The realization of DataLoader data manufacturers Cesna and Pilatus, all of these achievements have allowed in 2018 to MRX Systems to obtain Airbus Helicopters DataStream Premium Certification.


I wanted to thank Mr. Maxime Mériaux and Mr. Arnaud Veron, head of the company MRX Systems for allowing me to do evolve their solutions.


Result: the company MRX Systems obtained in 2018 Airbus Helicopters Certification DataStream Premium

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