Edition # Consulting @ Innovation
 Edition # Consulting @ Innovation

Need IT Services  : Microsoft ,Web Development, Desktop App, SQL Server or CRM Solutions

Microsoft Partner - Solutions and Office 365 provider

Software Editor and Engineering Services


                      Générateur de vos Solutions innovantes sur Nice / Monaco Monte-Carlo

For Your Business need a specific Solutions for your Company or Organization, contact us !

GenuiSoft for your Need - A l'écoute de vos besoins !
- Prestations Services solutions applications, Web et Mobiles.
- Edition de logiciels: application vitrine et métier spécifique.
- Réalisation et Hébergement site Web Pro et Commerciale.
- Fournisseur de Solutions Microsoft Office 365 et Cloud.

Contact us for study your need
GenuiSoft - Génerateur de vos Solutions [...]
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 A Software solution need, a Mobile Phone App (Windows 10, Android, IoS), WebSite solution

    (HTML, Asp,.Net, WordPress).

 An Idea do you want to develop ? Contact Us   

Ils nous font confiance dans cette aventure passionnante et innovante : 

MRX Systems, CIC Nice, Nice Initiative Côte d'Azur et Microsoft.

Need Consulting solutions for you Business ! Contact us, A return of experiences of over 10 years

  • Ecoute de vos besoins, étude de faisabilité, prototype et chiffrage.

  • Réalisation maquette, présentation.

  • Conception et développement : 

  • Déploiement des livrables

  • App Web/Intranet : HTML, Javascript, Java/C#,.Net, Asp

  • App Bureaux : WPF, WCF, WebService

  • App Mobiles : Windows Phone 10,Android et IoS

  • Documentation

  • TMA : Maintenance correctives et évolutives assurés.

  • Forfait TMA pour vos Solutions existantes : correctives et évolutives.

 Votre Contact : uniquement sur Nice, une réponse sous 1 à 2 jours.

Pour toutes questions, besoins ou conseils.




Due to its commitment, GenuiSoft undertakes to donate 10% of its profits to Handicap International through a contractual sponsorship commitment in favor of humanity and inclusion.


See all App in https://www.microsoft.com/fr-fr/search/shop/apps?q=genuisoft



  • Need Specific Developement around C# / .Net :
    • WPF / XAML expertise
    •  ASP.Net, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • JQuery, Ajax, MVC
    • Windows Forms, VB.Net
    • BI Solution : Reporting & Analysis Services, Crystal Report
    • SQL Server Transac-Script, Oracle PL/SQL
    • Visual Studio 2008, 2010, 2013
    • Windows 10 Application and IoT with Visual Studio 2015 Community
    • Windows Phone App and Raspberry Deployment
    •  Windows Server and IIS Deployment and Configuration.  
  • Need to Buy our Software Products for your Activity
  • Need to Buy our Solutions for Personal Use


                        Contact us : A price for your budget / Tarification adapted for your need

                        All is possible with GenuiSoft 


You are need to developement around Microsoft development or

Web Applications. See more details about Skills :


- C#, Visual Basic.Net

- Windows Forms Solutions

- WPF Solutions

- SilverLight Solutions

- Web Services developement with SOAP & Rest

- WCF Solutions

- Asp.Net developement & JavaScript with JQuery or Ajax

- HTML5 & CSS3 developement

- SQL / Oracle with Reporting Services

- Business Analyst Project


Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer affiliate program

Microsoft Partner

An High level of quality in our developement

A recognize Trademark around the community

Expertise in Web developement

Expertise in Windows 8 & 10

Expertise in Windows Phone & Internet Of Things IoT


GenuiSoft - Générateur de vos Solutions [...]
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CV - GenuiSoft - Daniel Padrosa Engineer IT expert Microsoft
I offer my services in the field of software engineering oriented objects and Microsoft technologies after a return of experiences over 10 years the field of IT software & services.
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Software package development according to your needs

WebSite professional for your business










Different Window Applications: Visit an amazing WorkShop





Many Apps available in the Microsoft Store,


many other coming soon *


Windows 10 Store App

Windows Phone App

UWP Software




Toutes les Applications présentes sur le Windows Store

ont étaient validées par les équipes de Microsoft.




Google Play Apps available

Voice recognition





News Rss



Toutes les Applications présentes sur le Google Play Store ont étaient validées par les équipes de Google.


Genuis OxforDictionnaries


For academic and academic use or for professional learning purposes:

The ideal application in your learning of modern and classical English: ideal companion for your studies.

This application allows you to get a complete definition in English dictation from Cortana: Grammatical Feature, all possible Senses / Definitions,  Ethymologies. 
4 Complete Full Tabs: the definition is dictated live.

Using voice recognition, Google Assistant and the Oxford Library Dictionnaries offering the most complete and faithful transcriptions and definitions of one of the most prestigious universities.

Integrated in this App :

 - Cortana.
 - Google Assistant tools

                                         - Oxford Dictionnaries tools.

Genuis Translate Speech


Genuis Translate Speech allows you to voice your voice in text from your phone thanks to the voice recognition methods accessible from Cortana and your phone's Microphone.

Once translated into text, your voice is analyzed from a translation service to generate and display your lyrics and translation as text.

The translation generated from the application is then pronounced from a Digital Voice!

You have the possibility to translate up to 20 languages!  Each lyrics is translated into the language of your choice  and  pronounced in the desired translation, truly revolutionary!

Genuis Handi Assistant 


This application is a voice recognition utility that works with the microphone of your Smartphone and Cortana.

It allows you to rewrite the words spoken by the user to display them as text.

Users with hearing or deafness problems or a member of their family can use this application to speak in their SmartPhone.
Then the lyrics will be displayed as plain text, the user can complete or correct the text. A really useful application to download.

Genuis ChocoVoiceCalculator

A very intelligent and practical Calculator with integrated Cortana to improve accessibility by speech recognition.

A design, ergonomics very nice and funny for
Your daily life.
For Cortana: pronounce for example "Five plus Seven"

then the App returns 35 as a result.

 With Cortana integrate, you can pronounce from 0 to 9 then any  arithmetic operator, for example for 42 * 7. You will have to pronounce "Four Two Multiplie Seven". 





GenuiSoft © Zena Project


available in Window Store 10

A new user experience accesible on your PC. 


Customizable in the infinity




Coming Soon GenuiSoft Moon Project : a new user experience in your PC...  Continue to follow us

Genuis Touch Radio / Family Radio

Radio FM Tuner on windows phone 8.1/10 for listen your

favorites radio and watch your favorites photos in same time. 


Genuis Touch Radio 2 : (Radio + Touch control)

AppStore : https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9nbxh4njg515


Genuis Family Radio : (Radio + Photos Viewer)

AppStore : https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9n2c41vl6118


Radio Torch Deluxe   : (Radio + Torch)

AppStore : https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9nzxq80rnv32

GenuisPhone X-Rescue Deluxe


This SmartPhone application is a very complete and virtually indispensable software suite on the Store and to own on your phone.

  It allows you to have a wizard to easily dial the most urgent numbers from your phone. Set up and configure your application for the youngest and the smallest in a family environment. You have at your disposal shortcut buttons of Urgent, House numbers, the number of the parents. In addition, you have a torch light for lighting from your phone, more than 3 shortcuts available. A built-in wizard that allows you to geolocate from your phone: address, longitude and latitude if you are in town, in the country or in the mountains. A mapping assistant to determine a route from your geolocation. In addition, you have 2 FM Radio Players featuring over 40 radio stations. The ability to import your contacts and customize them with a graphic Avatar. One of the most complete applications on the Store for big and small: - Dialing Assistant. - Import wizard for Contacts. - Shortcuts and accessibility of composition improve for calls Emergencies and preference numbers. - A compass / geolocation assistant by cartography. - Travel Assistant by cartography. - 2 Mini-FM radio with more than 40 radio stations: BFM Business, RMC Info, Virgin Radio, Fun, NRJ, Radio Tropiques, ....

A built-in flashlight for lighting with more than 3 shortcuts.

A complete software suite to acquire on your Smartphone!



* Need a  specific Project for your Company or Organization,

  develop and create in little time with a maximum of quality ,contact us


Quality Development and Support garanty !

GenuisPhone Secret Deluxe Edition

 All-in-one in your Phone ! 

Sales & Communication Dept.
Services IT Dept.
GenuiSoft, FR

       Contact Engineering & IT Services:

MR Daniel Padrosa

IT Engineer & CEO


        Trademark Genuisoft on INPI

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