Edition # Consulting @ Innovation
 Edition # Consulting @ Innovation

Graphics & Designer solutions 

GENUISOFT develop and provide many softwares to help designer to create graphics for Website, social network or softwares. 



A Software to manage and create any image with pixel precision, very nice tool to create your artistic image. ideal tools to help you create, for example, your NFT creations

NFT Creator is a software that allow to create and design your artistic image creation. It provide in output all the possibility of image creation, you can merge any image to create a complete NFT image with a description in the NFT standard.

A web application write with React JS to manage and create your image creation with the help of an Artificial Intelligence. Create a free account with 20 credits offers, you are the possibility to buy additional credits. 


Link :     https://live.genuisoft.space/ai


This application will allow you to manipulate several types of media in order to create your own albums. First of all, you will have the possibility to extract the graphics and images content from your PDF documents,to transform your documents into an exploitable source without limitation. To draw and format your creations, to create your thumbnails to create your graphic albums. Lots of integrated tools such as extracting your photos from your camera, you will have all the tools

to create your own comic books and graphic albums. Create your graphic content and export it in image, PDF or document format. 15-days of trial version to create your first project.


Run under Windows 10 !

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