Edition # Consulting @ Innovation
 Edition # Consulting @ Innovation

GenuiSoft software edition - Microsoft & Apple partner - A relationship of trust in your innovative projects !  Support in your architectures and projects

Need IT Services  : Microsoft ,Web Development, Desktop App, Database, CRM or Linux Solutions, Mobile Apps


Microsoft & Apple Partner

Software Editor and Engineering Services


Generator of your innovative solutions on Nice / Antibes / Sophia / Monaco / Aix

Software Editor for Microsoft Store - Apple Store & Google Play Store



Solution available for Microsoft Store - Software / Utilities / Game

  • Utilities software : PDF Office Studio, PDF Extractor Pro, PDF Converter Word Docx, ...
  • Customization  :  Zena 2 Desktop code Cassiopée, Zena 3 Desktop code Pegase,..
  • Multimedia solutions :  SoundStudio Creator Pro, G-SoundRecorder,..
  • Education game : Map Challenge, Space Craft Orion Quest, Gloomi,...
  • Health and sport utilities :  GenuiSoft care, Fitness Manager,...
  • Developer Tools : Smart Web Editor, Web Creator, Scrum Dashboard
  • Artificial Intelligence AI and Accessibility : Digital View solutions.

Artificial Intelligence - accessibility

"Digital View" application suite

Innovative concept and project “Digital View”: virtual assistance with the Artificial Intelligence for visually impaired people.The idea is from a phone equipped with a camera to identify the People and Objects through Recognized AI Innovation and Notification the user by a voice assistant of the different detections: 80 types of

object detections are currently supported. (Deposed to the INPI since August 26, 2023)

This small, easy-to-use application is a voice assistant that allows you to use your phone's camera to detect objects near you. Simply tapping once will turn your voice assistant on or off.

This application will be very useful on a daily basis for all people with visual impairments. You can use this App on the go with your iPhone and Bluetooth headphones.

List of type of object recognize :

80 models available for detection

Solution available for Google Play Store - Software / Utilities / Game

For Your Business need a specific Solutions for your Company or Organization, contact us !

GenuiSoft for your Need - A l'écoute de vos besoins !
- Prestations Services solutions applications, Web et Mobiles.
- Edition de logiciels: application vitrine et métier spécifique.
- Réalisation et Hébergement site Web Pro et Commerciale.
- Fournisseur de Solutions Microsoft Office 365 et Cloud.

Contact us for study your need
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 A Software solution need, a Mobile Phone App (Windows 10, Android, IoS), WebSite solution

    (HTML, Asp,.Net, WordPress).

 An Idea do you want to develop ? Contact Us   

Ils nous font confiance dans cette aventure passionnante et innovante : 

MRX Systems, CIC Nice, Nice Initiative Côte d'Azur et Microsoft.

Need Consulting solutions for you Business ! Contact us, A return of experiences of over 10 years

  • Ecoute de vos besoins, étude de faisabilité, prototype et chiffrage.
  • Réalisation maquette, présentation.
  • Conception et développement : 
  • Déploiement des livrables
  • App Web/Intranet : HTML, Javascript, Java/C#,.Net, Asp
  • App Bureaux : WPF, WCF, WebService
  • App Mobiles : Windows Phone 10,Android et IoS
  • Documentation
  • TMA : Maintenance correctives et évolutives assurés.
  • Forfait TMA pour vos Solutions existantes : correctives et évolutives.

 Votre Contact : uniquement sur Nice, une réponse sous 1 à 2 jours.

Pour toutes questions, besoins ou conseils.

Co-funder of SeeOnSea S.A.S

I'm Mr Daniel Padrosa Since 2020, I have worked as Co-founder of the company SeeOnSea SAS alongside Mr. Laurent Lungeri in Web, Database and Mobile developments in order to create a space to share Observations on sea and land for the general public and professionals.  Visit www.seeonsea.com


Due to its commitment, GenuiSoft undertakes to donate 10% of its profits from Store sell to an association through a contractual sponsorship commitment in favor of humanity and inclusion and create a little part of our software for civic action.


See public App in   Microsoft Store    Apple Store   Google Play                             



Paperless,  No use of paper, very concerned about the environment we are committed not to use paper

  • Need Specific Developement around C# / .Net
  • Need Specific Developement around Mobile Xamarin / Native Android & Apple iOS / Mac
  • Need Specific Developement around Open-source technologies around Linux Ubuntu, Php ,Apache & MySQL   
  • Need to Buy our Software Products for your Activity
  • Need to Buy our Solutions for Personal Use


          Contact us : A price for your budget / Tarification adapted for your need / Your ideas come to life


You are need to developement around Microsoft development or

Web Applications. See more details about Skills :


- C#, Visual Basic.Net - Windows Forms Solutions - WPF Solutions

- SilverLight Solutions - Web Services developement with SOAP & Rest - WCF Solutions

- Asp.Net developement & JavaScript with JQuery or Ajax - HTML5 & CSS3 developement

- SQL / Oracle with Reporting Services - Business Analyst Project


Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer affiliate program

Microsoft Partner

An High level of quality in our developement

A recognize Trademark around the community

Expertise in Web developement / Expertise in Windows 8 & 10 /11

Expertise in Android Xamarin / Objective-C / Swift XCode


CV - GenuiSoft - Daniel Padrosa Engineer IT expert Microsoft
I offer my services in the field of software engineering oriented objects and Microsoft technologies after a return of experiences over 15 years the field of IT software & services.
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Software package development according to your needs

WebSite professional for your business










Different Window Applications: Visit an amazing WorkShop


Map Challenge - Treasure Hunt


You play as an explorer adventurer who must travel the world in search of the famous Templar treasure.


However, during your quest you will have to follow a route through several countries and find clues.

Each discovery will give you a clue for your next destination.

This very fun game will allow you to improve your knowledge of history and geography.

Intended for the youngest to deepen your skills in general culture or for the oldest who wish to improve their research capacities from a map.


This game offers 3 types of satellite and road view maps from Bing Maps and OpenStreetMap.

This playful simulation is carried out using recent tools from Open Source such as the LeafLet Framework.


Available on Microsoft Store - Apple store iOS & Mac - Google Play Android


Task Calendar Pro


This application will allow you to create your task calendar on your dashboard. You will be able to create and manage your tasks in the form of customizable notes, customize and create your task post-it. 
This software is an adaptation of Scrum Dashboard for your daily tasks.
Possibility to create your tasks and drag and drop into your dashboard. A real paperless method for your daily tasks !




PhotoMap Editor


PhotoMap Editor is a software that allows you to manage your photo collection on a map.
This original principle allows you to create personalized tiles with your geotagged photos.
You will have the opportunity to also see the shops near you and to create and display your contacts on a global map.
You will have available weather maps showing anticyclones, temperature zones from official data sources.
This software is in Preview for its launch. Your photos, contact data will be stored with respect for your confidentiality on a secure server.




3D Media Player


3D Media Player is a video media player that allows you to play videos in 3 Dimensions thanks to VR technology of virtual reality. You will be able to play standard videos and videos adapted for 3D in AVI and MP4 format, you will be able to interact in 3D immersion with your videos with the keyboard, the mouse or your XBox Gamepads.


Genuis Handi Assistant 


This application is a voice recognition utility that works with the microphone of your Smartphone and Cortana.

It allows you to rewrite the words spoken by the user to display them as text.

Users with hearing or deafness problems or a member of their family can use this application to speak in their SmartPhone.
Then the lyrics will be displayed as plain text, the user can complete or correct the text. A really useful application to download.





GenuiSoft © Zena Project


available in Window Store 10

A new user experience accesible on your PC. 


Customizable in the infinity




Coming Soon GenuiSoft Moon Project : a new user experience in your PC...  Continue to follow us

* Need a  specific Project for your Company or Organization,

  develop and create in little time with a maximum of quality ,contact us


Quality Development and Support garanty !

Sales & Communication Dept.
Services IT Dept.
GenuiSoft, FR

       Contact Engineering & IT Services:

MR Daniel Padrosa

IT Engineer & CEO


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Paperless,  No use of paper, very concerned about the environment we are committed not to use paper

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